Event Update: Jamaica Bridal Expo 2014

Maybe it’s the enchanting sunsets, the magic of our crystal blue sea or Jamaica’s mystical cool breeze that makes romance feel right at home on the island. Consistently ranked among the best wedding destinations and honeymoon getaways in the Caribbean and world by extension, Jamaica is a couple’s love nest, complete with solitude, relaxation, adventure, and indulgence.

In 2012 the inaugural Jamaica Bridal Expo was held in Montego Bay as the premier event to showcase just that, Jamaica as the top location in the destination wedding industry. Since then the expo has grown considerably from expanding the number of vendors to adding the expertise of celebrity guest and star of TLC’s Brides of Beverly Hills, Renée Strauss in 2013. This year, for its third staging scheduled for September 20th -21st at the Montego Bay Convention Centre, planners are going above and beyond to ensure an even more spectacular affair this time around.

JBE2013 Renee Strauss (more…)

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Jamaican Food: Eat Like A Local

If you thought the sunshine, sea and sand were enough to win you over; a taste of Jamaica’s local street foods is the cherry on top of it all. Jamaica is home to some of the Caribbean’s most appetizing and fulfilling flavors. Fine dining is always a great way to experience our local cuisine but if you’re a foodie at heart and seeking the rustic simple pleasures of island life, head to the roadside- that’s where it all goes down. While we advise you to approach with caution, as you would anywhere else, on a more reassuring note, most of the foods are slow cooked for hours and so should not cause much concern. Other items are very fresh local produce so everything is All Right!

Here are some of our Must-Have street foods:

Sugarcane: Once the king of Jamaica’s economy, sugarcane is today a cardinal roadside snack for most locals.  Fruits vendors usually have these treats packages in clear plastic bags or the long stalks on display ready for customers to choose from. That first bite into a piece of sugarcane is a burst of sweet juices in your mouth. You’ll have to be careful not to let the juices escape down your hands; you won’t want to waste even an ounce. Chew up the pieces until you’ve drained it of all the juices, and don’t be shy about it-that’s exactly how we all do it here. If you’re lucky the vendor might even have some fresh sugarcane juice mixed with a tinge of ginger, one of the best natural juices on the island. Whichever form you try though, we guarantee you, it will be a satisfying experience. (more…)

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Family Reads for the Summer

Now that the children are on summer break, you’re probably grappling with ways to keep them occupied. While summer is a time for fun and entertainment,you’ll want to plan activities that will keep their brains sharp during this time away from the classroom. A good book or two is a great way to achieve this. Jamaica has a generous availability of children’s books that celebrate the culture, people and land that are not only educational but also very entertaining.

Here are a few book suggestions for children ages 1-10 years old:

Justice Pon Di Road (2-9 years): Inspired by her and her son Justice’s trip to Jamaica, Aliona Gibson shares a heart-warming experience of the island. Justice Pon Di Road explores the food, language, people and atmosphere they encountered while taking a morning stroll one day. This book serves as a good tool to introduce children to life in Jamaica especially with the glossary of patois (Jamaican dialect) words and Jamaican fact sheet at the back which helps to authenticate the reading experience.

Justice pon di Road Book Cover (more…)

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Jamaica Events: SPF Weekend Recap

For the third time around, promoters of the SPF party series sought to offer a premium entertainment package within the Ocho Rios resort area for Emancipation weekend. The three day take over of the garden parish, St. Ann would feature four events; SPF Cat Cruise 21, BNM Eye Candy,  Fiction Beach and Soirée, hosted by Appleton Estate. Tailored for a mature audience, promoters promised a weekend of “sophisticated pleasure” from top-shelf bars to gourmet cuisine and first-class entertainment.

SPF 2014 (more…)

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The Buzz on our YouTube Channels

So much has been happening on our YouTube channels, have you been keeping up? Here are some of the latest highlights:

The Jamaica Tourist Board invites you to visit Jamaica and #getallright with their new advertising campaign. See exactly why it’s time to plan that long awaited vacation to Jamaica now on our My Jamaica Channel!


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Travel Resources: Top 5 Things to Do in Kingston

However you arrive on our island you can always find your way to Kingston which is considered the Heartbeat of the country. Wherever you are from or whatever your budget is, there is something for you to do in our capital city. Here are the Top 5 elements that should be a part of your visit to Kingston.

1. Dining

Savoury, Sweet, Spicy are some of the flavours that make our favourite meals special. Kingston boasts a wide array of food selections  guaranteed to satisfy even the most particular in taste. Our cuisine runs the gamut of fine dining to road side stalls and everything in between such as café and fast food options. Fine dining locations such as the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel and Rojo Restaurant at Spanish Court Hotel are just some of the options in Kingston that put a luxurious touch on the dining experience.

For a second, imagine a hot golden crust stuffed with seasoned beef. Sounds simple but the satisfaction of a Jamaican patty cannot be put into words hence why it is a popular option for locals and visitors alike. Another popular option is our road side cuisine which mostly consists of jerk chicken or pan chicken, along with roasted nuts, coconut water and coconut jelly, crab among other tasty options.

spanish court hotel

(via Spanish Court Hotel, Kingston) (more…)

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Heritage: Jamaica Festival-Celebrating Emancipation and Independence

There are a myriad of accomplishments and happenings throughout Jamaica’s history that deserve to be well-acknowledged. On August 1, 1838, our African-Jamaican ancestors were given freedom from slavery from the British. More than half a century ago, the people of Jamaica laid claim to their independence and began the process of self-governing their country.

This is JAMAICA Select Logo

Celebration is therefore due to pay tribute to the many Jamaicans who played their part in creating opportunities for growth into a strong nation and a united people. Both times are merged into one celebratory period known as ‘Emancipendence”, celebrated from August 1, Emancipation Day to August 6, Independence Day. (more…)

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Top 5 Places to Cool Off in Jamaica this Summer

Summer in Jamaica? Most definitely a hot combination. You’ll discover even more about Jamaica while getting relief from the heat at these cool locations around the island.
1. Blue Mountains
  • At 7402 Feet at it’s peak, how could you not be cool? The Blue Mountains is not only a popular chill spot because of it’s hiking, biking and camp grounds but because of the numerous spots to sample and learn about its famous coffee such as Craighton Estate, Clifton Mount Estate and Café Blue. Feeling cool yet?
Lounge chairs Strawberry Hill


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Show us how you #ExperienceJamaica @ReggaeSumfest to Win!

This year’s Reggae Sumfest is set to deliver memorable performances from a slew of leading reggae, dancehall and pop artistes.  Tessanne Chin, Jason Derulo, Sean Paul, Sanchez, Wiz Khalifa, Chronixx and others headline the 3-day music festival from its home at Catherine Hall in Montego Bay.

Reggae Sumfest 2013-DSC_0026

We want you to show us how you enjoy Jamaica’s music scene by sharing pictures of your Reggae Sumfest experience. Share your selfies while watching your favourite performer, dancing with friends, enjoying the cuisine or even in front of any Jamaica Tourist Board branding. To enter, post pictures with the note “This is how I #ExperienceJamaica @ReggaeSumfest” and tag us on the following platforms:





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Heritage: Jamaican People

One can never truly appreciate the cultural offer of a destination, until you have met its people.

Jamaica is much more than turquoise-blue beaches, heavenly sunsets, extravagant hotels and the other amazing truths preached by prominent destination marketers.  There are many wonderful things to see and do on the island, however, it would not be the premium destination it is without its people.


The people of Jamaica are warm, friendly and are filled with personality, much like that family-friend you aim to invite to all your casual dinner parties. The culture is rich and Jamaicans are incomparably wealthy in spirit. (more…)

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