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Skip the Strip

Think of Jamaica and sun, sea and sand package holidays might spring to mind, but visitors are starting to explore beyond the beaches. Skip the Strip is our feature that will show the best ways to get off the beaten track.

When Sugar was King 

A food tour through historic Falmouth  Q: For the travelers who have not taken a Culinary Tour before please give us an idea on what to expect if they were interested in taking your tour. A: Our food …

Trip Ideas

Packed with ideas, inspiration and information on places to visit and things to do, areas to explore, tales of history and heritage plus whatever thing or personality that makes it unique.

Sportsmanship – Island Style

By Guest Blogger Warren Brown They say that good sportsmanship involves treating each other with respect. It is also about supporting one another, and helping to conquer someone’s athletic goals. I wa…

Top 10

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July One 2016 Playlist

July One is International Reggae Day; It honors the very best of a culture that perseveres in adversity, excels against extreme odds and breaths an indomitable love of life into a music that the heart…

Meet the People

Is there any better way to get to know Jamaica than to spend time with us on your travels? Our Meet the People Program matches you up to Jamaicans with similar interests for sightseeing and adventures.

The feature will highlight the people of the program with and encourage like-minded travellers to experience their Jamaica.

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Ziggy Marley

3 Questions for Ziggy Marley Ziggy Marley started his musical career with his brothers and sisters as the Melody Makers in the 1980s and continued to perform and record with them for the next two deca…

Town Guide

Profiles of the lesser known but equally interesting points of Jamaica. It’s a profile to reveal something unique and what makes it the treasure that it is.