What to Do: Nature Tours in Trelawny

Jamaica hosts a wealth of biodiversity found in the tropical forests, wetlands and other eco-systems that stretch across the island. One particularly rich area is the Cockpit Country, over 500 square miles of Karst limestone topography, spreading across three parishes and containing the highest diversity of plants and animals on the island. Hundreds of underground caves, rivers and streams populate the area, formed by the work of rainwater on the naturally porous limestone which constitutes the area’s soil.

Through the Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency you can explore the Cockpit Country and all its wonders. Their Cockpit Adventure Tours offer a chance to discover the natural treasures hidden in Jamaica’s interior, not your usual vacation activity. Take your pick, from nature walks, agri-tours, picknicking, herbal tours and caving adventures, all located in the parish of Trelawny, midway between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay.

Cockpit Country Cave Tour guide (more…)

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Where to Stay: New Hotels in Jamaica (2014) Part II

If one thing is certain about Jamaica, it’s that you can find a diverse selection of accommodations across the island that not only fulfil your needs but exceed expectations. Within the past two years, hoteliers have added to Jamaica’s esteemed collection of resorts as well as renovated and re-branded to provide guests with an even better holiday experience. Here are a few pending opening hotels that you may want to consider for Winter 2014-5 vacations and beyond.

Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Zilara: Formerly the Ritz Carlton Golf Resort & Spa Rose Hall, the Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Zilara combine to form an all-inclusive resort experience with 621 luxury suites. Scheduled to be opened in November 2014, the Montego Bay resort will afford all guests with ocean, pool and dramatic resort views.

Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall


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Where to Take the Ultimate Selfie in Jamaica

Take in the wonders of Jamaica; but first- take a selfie! Jamaica’s natural beauty, heritage and unusual locales are so intriguing and special; you’ll feel obliged to share them with the world. As you enjoy the simple pleasures of our little island, snap a selfie or two so you’ll never forget those special moments you’ll most likely cherish forever. Here are a few suggestions for interesting photo ops:

Blue Mountain Peak: The 4 hour trek up 7,402 feet, the highest point on the island, warrants a celebratory selfie or two! You championed the cold, fog and countless encounters with strange bugs and now the world deserves to know. In fact if you really want to make a statement –begin your journey before 2am to catch the glorious sunrise for an even more astounding backdrop for your selfie. After this your selfie game is sure to peak! (more…)

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Fall in Romance: Accommodations and Activities

Keep the romance burning on the island of One Love. Newly-weds and longtime lovers will find Jamaica to be the haven they have been looking for to celebrate their love. Escape to a place of exotic and seductive scenery that will only complement your love affair. Relax together; dine together, adventure together in Jamaica. From Kingston to Montego Bay you can count on finding the perfect romantic getaway, tailor made for your love. Here are a few places and activities we recommend:


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What to Do: Top 5 Activities for Young Children

Treat your little explorer to the magic of a whole new world in Jamaica. Begin the adventure at any of our accommodations tailored for the ultimate family experience where they’ll feel right at home. So much to do and see, from exotic encounters with nature to exciting water activities; it’s an action-packed holiday that will be fun even for parents! Here’s a list of activities to keep them entertained and intrigued while on vacation in Jamaica.

Or_at_Dunnsr05 (more…)

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Travel Tips & What To Pack For Your Jamaican Vacation

Now that your ticket is reserved and your hotel booked, it’s time to pack for your vacation in Jamaica. You’re preparing for what will be one of the most stress-free and relaxing times in your life so there is no need to be anxious about the packing; just travel light. While we are a tiny island, we have just about everything you will need to make your stay enjoyable. Here are a few essential things you’ll want to take along: (more…)

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Where to Stay: New Hotels in Jamaica (2014)

If one thing is certain about Jamaica, it’s that you can find a diverse selection of accommodations across the island that not only fulfil your needs but exceed expectations. Within the past two years, hoteliers have added to Jamaica’s esteemed collection of resorts as well as renovated and re-branded to provide guests with an even better holiday experience.

royalton white sands mobay (more…)

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Event Update: Jamaica Bridal Expo 2014

Maybe it’s the enchanting sunsets, the magic of our crystal blue sea or Jamaica’s mystical cool breeze that makes romance feel right at home on the island. Consistently ranked among the best wedding destinations and honeymoon getaways in the Caribbean and world by extension, Jamaica is a couple’s love nest, complete with solitude, relaxation, adventure, and indulgence.

In 2012 the inaugural Jamaica Bridal Expo was held in Montego Bay as the premier event to showcase just that, Jamaica as the top location in the destination wedding industry. Since then the expo has grown considerably from expanding the number of vendors to adding the expertise of celebrity guest and star of TLC’s Brides of Beverly Hills, Renée Strauss in 2013. This year, for its third staging scheduled for September 20th -21st at the Montego Bay Convention Centre, planners are going above and beyond to ensure an even more spectacular affair this time around.

JBE2013 Renee Strauss (more…)

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Jamaican Food: Eat Like A Local

If you thought the sunshine, sea and sand were enough to win you over; a taste of Jamaica’s local street foods is the cherry on top of it all. Jamaica is home to some of the Caribbean’s most appetizing and fulfilling flavors. Fine dining is always a great way to experience our local cuisine but if you’re a foodie at heart and seeking the rustic simple pleasures of island life, head to the roadside- that’s where it all goes down. While we advise you to approach with caution, as you would anywhere else, on a more reassuring note, most of the foods are slow cooked for hours and so should not cause much concern. Other items are very fresh local produce so everything is All Right!

Here are some of our Must-Have street foods:

Sugarcane: Once the king of Jamaica’s economy, sugarcane is today a cardinal roadside snack for most locals.  Fruits vendors usually have these treats packages in clear plastic bags or the long stalks on display ready for customers to choose from. That first bite into a piece of sugarcane is a burst of sweet juices in your mouth. You’ll have to be careful not to let the juices escape down your hands; you won’t want to waste even an ounce. Chew up the pieces until you’ve drained it of all the juices, and don’t be shy about it-that’s exactly how we all do it here. If you’re lucky the vendor might even have some fresh sugarcane juice mixed with a tinge of ginger, one of the best natural juices on the island. Whichever form you try though, we guarantee you, it will be a satisfying experience. (more…)

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Family Reads for the Summer

Now that the children are on summer break, you’re probably grappling with ways to keep them occupied. While summer is a time for fun and entertainment,you’ll want to plan activities that will keep their brains sharp during this time away from the classroom. A good book or two is a great way to achieve this. Jamaica has a generous availability of children’s books that celebrate the culture, people and land that are not only educational but also very entertaining.

Here are a few book suggestions for children ages 1-10 years old:

Justice Pon Di Road (2-9 years): Inspired by her and her son Justice’s trip to Jamaica, Aliona Gibson shares a heart-warming experience of the island. Justice Pon Di Road explores the food, language, people and atmosphere they encountered while taking a morning stroll one day. This book serves as a good tool to introduce children to life in Jamaica especially with the glossary of patois (Jamaican dialect) words and Jamaican fact sheet at the back which helps to authenticate the reading experience.

Justice pon di Road Book Cover (more…)

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