Pon Di Road Weekly Roundup: Pon Di Road #17- In Junction

Calee and Stephen are an eccentric pair of travel enthusiasts hell bent on uncovering just about every Jamaican travel treasure and sharing their adventures with the whole world. With so many wonderful things to experience on this deceptively small island we can’t say that we blame them (or that we mind). The “Pon Di Road” webisodes keep rolling in and a new one premiere’s tomorrow! Just in case you missed their last adventure, here is the roundup of “Pon Di Road #17 – In Junction”:

Fresh from parasailing at Cosmo’s Beach and a relaxing couple’s massage atop the limestone cliffs of Negril’s scenic west end at The Caves Resort. Calee and Stephen head for Junction in St. Elizabeth, on Jamaica’s South Coast. A more laid back, eco-friendly environment the South Coast is a haven for travelers looking for a blissful off the beaten path vacation. Junction in particular is known for its tasty roadside peppered shrimp (crayfish) caught in Jamaica’s longest river, the Black River; home to numerous wildlife including the endangered American Crocodile.

Watch as the vendors reveal the secrets of their livelihood and discuss everything shrimp related; from how to catch them to the wide variety of ways to cook them. Live vicariously through Calee and Stephen as they bite into all the goodness. Don’t forget to tune in for the premiere of the latest “Pon Di Road” webisode tomorrow at 5pm on our My Jamaica YouTube Channel to find out what other Jamaican treasures these two have yet to uncover.

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