Where to Visit: Reggae Beach, Jamaica

Located on the border of St. Ann and St. Mary, about 10 minutes east of the vibrant Ocho Rios, nestled in lush tropical greenery is the 1/4 mile stretch of white sand known as Reggae Beach. A famous Jamaican landmark, this breathtaking picture-perfect spot is a tiny slice of heaven. Lounge chairs are lined along the seashore, some grouped amongst shady random clusters of hundred year old almond and palm trees, while others are arranged closer to the waters edge. If you’re looking for a beach that doesn’t get crowded then this is the place to be.

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Enjoy soft reggae music and great Jamaican hospitality as you cool out under a palm tree with a fresh fruit cocktail from the “Village Beach Bar”. Or try some succulent Jamaican-style fish, lobster, conch or spicy jerk chicken from the grill. Capture a golden tan while drifting peacefully across turquoise waters on a lie-low float. From waving fan coral to colorful clownfish and graceful rays, you’ll find plenty to look at while snorkeling the bay’s reefs. Kayak the coastline or hike the natural trails or experience a seaside massage. Try the seasonally fresh native fruits like Mangos, guineps, guava, ortanique, sugar cane, pineapple, papaya or naseberry. Challenge a friend to backgammon, checkers, or join a domino game. Reggae Beach has it all.

Reggae Beach is generally a quieter alternative to the beaches at Ocho Rios. Being just beyond walking distance of Ocho Rios, Reggae Beach does not attract a large tourist crowd. The beach tends to be more popular with Jamaicans, making for a more “authentic” Jamaican atmosphere. A great spot for anyone from families looking for a great place for a picnic to couples looking for some time alone on their honeymoon Reggae Beach and it’s warm inviting waters will take your breath away. A large bamboo bar offers exotic cocktails and beverages, and the seaside restaurant serves tasty local cuisine.

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On occasion outdoor parties are held here, with a dazzling bonfire at night and Selectors, DJs and Singers blasting through giant sound systems until the early morning. However often when you visit during the week you will find this beach relatively secluded. There is no way to describe the feeling of having a beach in Jamaica all to yourself and snorkeling at Reggae Beach promises an adventure in itself. In the reef nearby you will find colourful tropical fish and if you’re lucky some Caribbean Reef Squid. Snorkel gear is available for you to rent on site but feel free to travel with you’re own as well.

Additional bonuses include brightly painted showers and changing rooms, rope swings from the trees, plenty of shade and games on the beach along with some great non-motorized watersports activities.

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