What to Do: Scuba Diving at Devil’s Reef, Jamaica

The vast crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea offer a range of exciting adventures, from parasailing to snorkeling there are more than enough ways to spend time in and on the ocean while on an island vacation. For those who’ve never had the experience scuba diving in Jamaica’s warm blue waters it is a relaxing and an thrilling activity that transports you to another world without really leaving the first. The reefs scattered along Jamaica’s coast are so appealing that even if you’ve never diving before you’ll be tempted to do it for the first time here.

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The island is scattered with underwater treasures ranging from dazzling corals to colourful tropical marine life and even shipwrecks. One of the best spots for scuba diving in Jamaica is Devil’s Reef in Ocho Rios. Located only a short boat ride away, just half a mile offshore from the popular destination spot Ocho Rios. Devil’s Reef is known (among other things) for its scorpion fish, lettuce sea slugs, coral with different attractive colours, tunnels, caverns, and the nurse sharks that dwell therein.

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