Travel Resources: The JAMNAV GPS Navigation Map

Perfect for locals and tourists alike. JAMNAV is a GPS navigation map developed and released by Mona GeoInformatics (MGI) at the UWI Mona Campus in Jamaica, developed for use in the island. It offers users real time, street-level, turn-by-turn voice-assisted navigation across the island. A great tool especially for the spontaneous, off the beaten path back-packing tourist. Simply choose from a wide variety of Jamaican points of interest and head out on an authentic adventure. It’s convenient and completely eliminates the need for those giant fold-away maps!

With detailed coverage in rural as well as urban areas covering over 9,000 miles of roads and 46 major towns travelers are able to move around with a greater sense of security and confidence. There is data on 15,000 named locations across Jamaica, arranged in 68 categories. The extensive list of locations includes hotels, attractions, restaurants, lighthouses, libraries, embassies, museums, parks, bar, nightclubs, gas stations, shopping places, banks, ATMs, hospitals, police stations and much more.

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